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Tags: corkscrew, historic, hpde, laguna seca, mazda raceway, racing, track


by Steven Clay

59 foot drop, 11 turns, 2.23 miles, one heck of a ride! No hands in the air on this roller coaster. Speechless after your turn(s) around the track? Use your words...

Winner of the Lay It On The Line Tee Design Contest!

Shirt Color: Gravel Trap Grey
Sale ended: 04-09-2015
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Steven Clay

  • Location: WA
Artist Profile
Trackography is the moniker that holds together the collective race inspired works of Steve Clay. A long time resident behind the lens, it's only recently that some of his ideas have spilled out onto the digital canvas. The outcome is a set of works that celebrate iconic road courses, and the machines they put to the test.

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