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Trident Powered

by Dino Pros
The world needs more Q cars. Defined by style and sophistication on the outside but powered by fire and brimstone on the inside. Especially when it's loaded with all the super cool tech from its predecessor, it's the perfect vehicle for the daring spy or speed aficionado.
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Shirt Color: Je Navy sais pas
Gone forever in
Tags: Citroen, French, Maserati, SM, V6
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Trident Powered
Night Mode
Artist Specs
  • Name: Dino Pros
  • Location: Republika Hrvatska, Croatia
  • Website/FB: @autopia_art
Artist Profile
As a fresh graduate in mechanical engineering, it was only logical to Dino to pursue a career in... graphic design? Why not! Currently working as a freelance designer and content writer for a Croatian automotive website, Dino is happiest when given the opportunity to combine his love for design and for cars, like creating fun 8bit images for enthusiasts. Every penny goes into a piggy bank for buying his E46 dream car.
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