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Tags: castle nut, cotter pin, mechanics, off road, racetrack, safety, track, trust, wheeling


by Matthew Hale
Let's see here, oversized brake rotors with performance pads. Good, good. Roll bar, yup, 5 point belts, ready to roll. Sticky tires, yes. Five cent cotter pin holding the entire wheel assembly... uhhh.
Shirt Color: Trusty Warm Grey
Sale ended: 02-09-2015
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Matthew Hale

  • Location: GA

Artist Profile
Matthew is an IT manager for a large retailer in Atlanta. Starting with a 1975 Volvo wagon in 1992, he began a life long love for Volvos, wagons and Volvo wagons that is second only to his wife and daughter. When he is not busy working or with the family, he enjoys wood working, welding and cheating on his Volvo C70 with a Mazda or MG.