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Turn N Burn

by Bret Crutchfield
Why anyone would sit around and wait for nonessential parts to come in when you have a perfectly running machine just sitting there is maddening. When the last nut is tightened, the last drop of lubricant added, and the final check that the engine is running strong that's your cue to kick stand and hammer down. Trade that wrench for a clutch and save that shop towel for some who needs it.
Shirt Color: No Frills Grey
Sale ended: 08-10-2016
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Turn N Burn
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Bret Crutchfield
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Website/FB: Thunderspork
Artist Profile
Bret is a designer and illustrator with a unique flair for intermixing pop culture icons. He also has a knack for creating some cool and gritty automotive artwork. Be sure to check out his page for more awesome illustrations.