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by Narmis3
Mock your buddy's mid-corner throttle misapplication with the sarcastic observation that the resulting mangled heap of metal might be repaired with nothing more than a good application of orbital polishing paste. Hey, that's what friends are for.
Shirt Color: Silver or the Egg
Sale ended: 04-10-2017
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Mumblish VII
by team blipshift
Artist Specs
  • Name: Narmis3
  • Location: NYC
Artist Profile
Narmis3 grew up on a steady diet of snark. His formative years were spent trolling his favorite auto forums waiting to engage in memery. He'd stay up all night waiting to be the first to post a ""clever"" response to a new thread. With this, his first printed tee design, he hopes to help you preempt any tales of automotive woe with a healthy dose of sarcasm.
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