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Unicorn III

by Rytis Bliūdžius
Once thought to be extinct, these majestic creatures are rarely spotted. Their mating call can be heard from kilometers away as plumes of black pheromone-clouds are released from their raised and extended hind quarters. The chirp of second gear proclaims that they are ready to pounce on nearby prey. Tame it? Nah, just drive it forever. They do exist.
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Tags: diesel, jalopnik, manual, oppo, rwd, turbo, unicorn, wagon
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Unicorn III
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Be Punctual
by Richard Caminita
Artist Specs
  • Name: Rytis Bliūdžius
  • Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Artist Profile
Rytis is a medical student. The car bug bit him at an early age and since then he's progressed from drawing doodles of cars in his notebooks, to playing with car designs in 2d and 3d graphics, to actually creating automotive art. Cars have always inspired him to learn something new and try depicting them in different art forms, while art provides him the fuel to enjoy driving the real things.
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