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United Snakes

by Salman Anjum

There's no dodging this snake. These 10 fangs of freedom ring fear in more hearts than this great country's national anthem. Best be well vetted before attempted to catch this predator.
And there's a new one coming soon!

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Tags: american, dodge, gts, muscle, roadster, rt/10, srt, vette, viper
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United Snakes
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by Tiago Fonseca
Artist Specs
  • Name: Salman Anjum
  • Location: UK
Artist Profile
Salman is a graphic designer for a university by day and a freelancer by night. He currently drives the answer to everything, a first gen Miata. He spends his free time following Manchester United, playing football (that's soccer to those of you in the US) and golf, or promising to get around to watching TV shows that ended years ago, such as Breaking Bad.