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by Thomas Salisbury

We may debate Metric vs SAE but we can all agree that America is grade-8-est! If ol' George weren't busy chopping at cherry trees, we're pretty sure he woulda been turning a wrench on a wagon wheel. So this President's day, make our forefathers proud and go tighten some nuts in the garage!

Shirt Color: Sand of Freedom
Sale ended: 12-01-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Thomas Salisbury

  • Location: SC

Artist Profile
Despite the fact that Thomas may drive a foreign car, he can often be overheard singing the car guy's anthem:

Oh say can you wrench, by the garage's dim light,
What so proudly we've built, at the work-light's last gleaming.
Whose broad heads and bright carbs, we adjusted all night.
O'er the exhaust flames we watched, soon on Youtube they're streaming.
And the brake lights red glare! Tire smoke billowing in air!
Gave proof through the night, that our build was with care.
O'say does that ol' jalopy sure ever run great,
At the drag racing strip, and the auto-cross gate!