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USAE White 2017

by Thomas Salisbury
We may debate Metric vs SAE but we can all agree that America is grade-8-est! If ol' George weren't busy chopping at cherry trees, we're pretty sure he woulda been turning a wrench on a wagon wheel. So this Fourth, make our forefathers proud and go tighten some nuts in the garage!

Should arrive by July 4 ('Murica only).
Shirt Color: Bald Eagle White
Sale ended: 06-15-2017
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The Final Lap
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USAE White 2017
Beachin' Ride
by Nathan Lewtschuk
Artist Specs
  • Name: Thomas Salisbury
  • Location: Columbia, SC
Artist Profile
Thomas is a P-car nut who only wishes he could run euro plates without getting pulled over by the local sherif. He has been known to think, "If I design a shirt that gives me satisfaction, then there must be others with the same sort of dreams who would be prepared to buy such a shirt."
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