by Gary Schechner
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Said to be too quick in its sweep from 0 to 9000rpm for the common analogue tach needle to keep up with, one look at the cockpit of this exclusive piece of Japanese engineering, and you know you're in for a 10/10 experience.
Sale ended: 02-17-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Gary Schechner Location: Carlsbad, CA Website/FB: Abstract RPM

New to the art scene after spending nearly 30 years as a Marketing & Advertising executive for some of the biggest brands in tech, retail and auto – Gary has made a name for his automotive-inspired abstract style which he calls ‘abstractRPM’. In it, he reimagines your favorite brands’ badges and instruments. In the last 6 months, he’s started two lines of automotive inspired clothing & accessories including abstractRPM and ThatPorscheGearwith @ThatPorscheGirl

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