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by Tim Barker

Vroom, shift, vroom, shift, vroom, down-shift. Significant other talk annoying you? Vroom, shift. Just hit the apex on the on ramp? More  vroom, shift. Always more fun. Always more happy.

Shirt Color: Give 110% Grey
Sale ended: 11-13-2012
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Artist Specs
Artist Profile
Tim Barker is a professional illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist. Cars, boats, plane or bikes, if you can think of a kind of mechanized form of transport, Tim has probably drawn it. Car culture is in his blood, knowing about cars is his business and also his passion. You need a fully detailed race car cutaway? He’s done those for Road and Track Magazine. How about refueling a bulldozer? (huh?) Yeah, he’s got that too. And this week, he gets us going faster as we happily switch gears.