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Wabbit Season

by Jose Arocho
Hunting rabbits can be tricky! They're quick, nimble, and can blend in well when necessary. But this rabbit wasn't just hunted - it also devoured apexes and b-roads like nobody's business. That's why it really left a mark, even over 4 decades later.
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Shirt Color: Rascal rabbit red
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Tags: German, Golf, hatchback, Hot Hatch, MK1, Rabbit, Veedub
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The Final Lap
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Wabbit Season
by Twain Forsythe
Artist Specs
  • Name: Jose Arocho
  • Location: Boca Raton, FL
  • Website/FB: Behance
Artist Profile
Jose Arocho "Tony" as his friends call him is an advertising professional, graphic designer, entrepreneur, and Illustrator. Tony spends his nights looking at car pictures and videos on the internet; especially Japanese and German race cars. He has been illustrating cars since his 20's. Always looking to try different techniques and styles.