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Tags: because racecar, blipshift, Nordschleife, Nürburgring, racecar, tshirt, warum

Warum? Warum?

by team blipshift
Rennwagen checklist:

Lowered. Slicks. Big brakes. No back seats. No radio. No airbags. Harness. Cage. Camber. Wing.

Goal: Bestest, fastest lap ever.

Weil Rennwagen.
Shirt Color: White (knuckles)
Sale ended: 12-12-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift

  • Location: NY

The Skinny
And now for your listening and visual pleasure: Miatas doing sub 8:00 rings.

Get your tissues ready.

Note: will not be delivered in time for Xmas.