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What's In A Name?

by Justin Simson
O Lambo, Lambo! wherefore art thou Lambo? A vent by any other name would smell... cheaper? Less exotic? A door by any other name would smell... uh, lighter? You fell for these Italians at a young age, but what's in a name anyway?
Shirt Color: The Grey Spectre of Gloom
Sale ended: 02-28-2019
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The Final Lap
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What's In A Name?
Listen To Me
by Jonathan Hardesty
Artist Specs
  • Name: Justin Simson
  • Location: Naples, FL
Artist Profile
Justin works from home as a developer for a large sports media company's website while pursuing a bit of design work on the side. This situation doesn't offer as much driving time as he would like, but having two intersecting passions in cars and video games means that sometimes all you need for that itch is a sweet virtual setup.