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Who Ya Gonna Colin

by Scott Bradford
"If in doubt, flat out" is flat out awesome advice. Mechanical failure? Still applies. Rolling a car? Still applies. There are few things in life that can't be solved by pinning the throttle to the floor and hanging on. He is the master of the literal upside down-shift.
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Tags: 4WD, Colin, McRae, Rally, STI, Subie, WRX
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Who Ya Gonna Colin
Hawky Little Trees
by Erin Carr
Artist Specs
  • Name: Scott Bradford
  • Location: Grovetown, GA
Artist Profile
Scott is a freelance Graphic Designer and full time car enthusiast since the early days. He has the unwholesome habit of scheming about turning unlikely vehicles into rallycross cars and has found he is incapable of leaving perfectly functional stock parts alone. When he's not getting his Impreza filthy in the name of glorious sideways speed, the call of the mountains is hard to ignore and he usually ends up flyfishing, skiing, or getting thrown over the bars of his mountain bike (again). He has an awesome wife and a young son who is already on his way to becoming a certified car nerd as well.
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