Wide Boi

by Justin Flagg
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To some, Nakai-san is notorious; living on as both a hero and villain of this RAUH-Welt legend. Slashing up valuable p-cars is thicc with controversy, but when evidence of this axis power collaboration still shows up in modern customs, you've gotta respect the master.
Sale ended: 10-04-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Justin Flagg Location: Pittsburgh, PA Website/FB: J Flagg Design

Justin is a Design Director and illustrator based in Pittsburgh. Like most of us, his passion for cars was born from many, many, many hours spent playing Gran Turismo as a teenager. Those many hours behind the "wheel" lead to an obsession with all cars, all forms of motorsport, photography... of cars, and the occasional illustration... of cars. In his free time, you'll find him driving responsibly in his 2005 Carrera S.

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