Wild West Germany

by Rob Matthes
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Flat 6 shooter at your side... err, rear. Just you, your steel horse, and the open air. Grab the lasso, because reigning it in requires the utmost of skill. And hey, even a rotted out barn find is still something. You just want one... dead or alive.
Shirt Color: Sweet cream and sweet deals
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The Final Lap
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Wild West Germany
Aircool BNB III
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Artist Profile
Afflicted with a life-long addiction to all things automotive, Rob is an independent creator doing automotive art with a retro flair and product design with an entrepreneurial bent. When it comes to cars, Rob doesn’t discriminate, having owned hardware from America, Germany, Japan, and Australia. His current stable includes a 1968 Mercury Cougar project and a 2016 Holden Commodore (ok, it’s a Chevy SS). When he’s not designing stuff, Rob is into photography, architecture, travel, and getting a few miles in on his road bike. Check out his latest exploits on his website and Instagram!