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Would Apex ii

by team blipshift

That skinny jean wearing purposefully scruffy facial hair having dude who is kinda smirking when you talk about off camber turns. Yeah, he might think 2/10 before hoping onto his fixed gear. You know it's 10/10.

Idea Credit: Eric Money

Shirt Color: Monterey Merlot
Sale ended: 04-09-2015
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Would Apex ii
by Martin Coghill
Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
2/10: Your driveway
5/10: Parking lot at work in the snow
7/10: Wagon, slide, opposite lock
10/10: Blind corner leading into a downhill corkscrew
11/10: going ten-tenths on 10/10