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WRX wrecks Rex

by team blipshift

Last time your crew played a game of tag, things didn't go so well for Rex. Yeah, he's big, strong and has got power in the back (his breath kinda stinks too), but he all he does is go straight. When you're playing in the woods, you gotta have grip like you in your WRX.

Shirt Color: Dino Oil Black
Sale ended: 07-25-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: New York
The Skinny
When you're out for a Jurassic Drive, the last thing you want is a mount that's got short stumpy arms that can't do push-ups and a tad bit too much RWD power. Make sure your steed has four powerful legs that can all reach the ground. RaaAWD!