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You Are Q

by Anthony McClinton

If you ever find yourself slingin' a URQ around a slippery back road, there are a few things you should consider

1. Smile 'cause you're friggin lucky!
2. Don't roll.
3. Be like Röhrl.

Shirt Color: UrQ White
Sale ended: 08-22-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Anthony McClinton
  • Location: Flagstaff, AZ
Artist Profile
Anthony is currently a Mechanical Engineering student at Northern Arizona University. When not studying or working he can be found shredding the mountain bike trails around town, hiking the mountain, or going for a drive down the switchbacks in his Impreza. He also likes to make kickass t-shirt designs. So much so that we wonder if he's got time to study. Hey Anthony, go to the library and read some books with equations.