BS’s Official BFF! Black Flag Friday event!

We’ve gone Restomod crazy!! Per your requests, we’ve called some of your favorite designs in for a quick stop'n'go. We aren't really fond of rules, so we gave all the shirts a facelift for the holiday season while the official's back was turned! 

But when do I need to serve this black flag  penalty?
Pit Road opens on November 28th @ 10:00pm EST and will remain open until December 2nd @ 10:00pm EST.

Bonus point awards!
For every 5 shirts you order, we've got a special bonus for ya!

  • @5 shirts receive - 50% off one tee coupon*
  • @10 shirts receive - Free Tee coupon** & 50% off one tee coupon*
  • @15 shirts receive - 2 Free Tee coupons** & 50% off one tee coupon*
  • Shirtstorm! Order the Shirtstorm and receive - a warm BS Beanie hat & 2 Free Tee coupons** & 50% off one tee coupon* (value of $50+)

As always, any order of 3 or more Tees or Long Sleeves ships in the US for free!

Shipping details:
Items ordered during the BS BFF sale will begin shipping out the second week of December, approximately 1 week after the sale ends. For Domestic orders, though USPS does not guarantee delivery before Christmas day, you should have it before then and we will be making all efforts to be sure you do! For International orders, they will be shipped out the same time as Domestic order but may or may not be received before the holidays.

Free shipping only applies to shirt orders, hoodies incur shipping fees. 


Q&A with the Officials:
Q: Can I combine orders with a previous purchase?
A: Any BFF orders will ship together and are not combine-able with a previous order.

Q: When do the bonus BFF coupons expire?
A: All BFF coupons will be valid up until March 31, 2014 (03/31/2014). After this date the coupons will expire.

Q: When do I get my BFF bonus reward coupons?
A: All BFF Bonus reward coupons will be emailed to the purchaser within a week after the BFF sale ends. The coupons will be valid for use between December 9th 2013 and March 31st 2014. Note, they will not be valid for use during the BFF sale.

Q: What about a valid coupon I already have? Can I use it on the BFF sale?
A: You sure as shirt can! Any pre-existing valid coupons are good to use during the BFF sale.

Q: I ordered 5+ Tees and a Hoodie, why am I charged for shipping? 
A: Unfortunately, Hoodies incur a shipping charge regardless of quantity or amount ordered.

Q: What is the penalty for speeding down pit lane?
A: A stern talking to by the Official


*Max value of $7.50
**Max value of $15.00