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Maybe you're trying to figure out the best way to deal with the mountain of awesome tees sitting in the corner of the bedroom. Solution: go big! Turn that lil rolling hill of cotton into the Everest of tees ‘cause starting Monday, May 30, we’re moving up to 5 designs every week!

Got questions? Read on for the deets…

Wait, more kinds of awesome?

That's right! Two-wheel-tastic and Truck-donkulous designs are here! One day a week will be dedicated to motorcycle and to truck/4x4 designs, so start making space!

So when is a new design available?

Call yourself Jack Bauer, ‘cause you’ve only got a new mission, er... design every 24h! Designs will be changed out on a daily basis (except weekends), with a new design Monday-Friday.

How long is this epicness available?

While a new design is featured every 24h, the designs themselves are orderable for 48h. If you think you missed out, instead of looking in the "missed connections" section of Craigslist, look for it in our Garage. You may still have time to find the tee of your dreams!

But I keep missing designs - help!

Never fear, emails are here! The best way to keep up with the latest tee-riffic design is to sign up for Blipshift Updates, which can be done via the box on our home page, or under the “Never Miss a Design” tab on our Facebook page. We’ll notify you once each weekday when there’s a new design, and we never send any pesky spam.

We also post new designs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, though if you get most of your news from the Book of Face, we’d recommend selecting “See First” to ensure that any universe-altering tees don’t get lost in the cosmic void.

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What if I don’t like motorcycles/trucks/cars/Piña coladas?

We know that many gearheads can appreciate anything with an engine, so by default new and existing subscribers will receive all updates for a total of 5 emails a week. If you're looking to limit the fire hose of awesome designs in your inbox though, there’s a link at the bottom of our emails to update your preferences and select specific categories of interest.

Updating Email Preferences

Piña coladas are amazing though and should be enjoyed by everyone, you monster.

What does this mean for artists?

It means we’d also love to hear your motorcycle and offroad themed ideas and designs! Just pop them by our Submit Art page like you would an awesome automotive submission.