Thanks to all who voted in our Which Type Of Tee Do You Prefer Showdown Poll! We heard your screams louder than the ol’ F1 V8s! So whattawegonna do ‘bout it? Test time! Not the pencil and paper, fill-in these tiny bubbles on this huge sheet of paper type of test. This is a test of utmost comfort, style and lap time performance.

For the next 2 weeks, (4 designs worth!) we’re going to offer Hanes Beefy Short Sleeve T (5180 6oz) as a Heavy Duty alternative to our normal lightweight, fitted original tee. The fitted tee is still an option, so this is a head-to-head showdown! If the results are positive for the HD tee then we will consider adding it to the roster full time! The HD tee only comes in men's sizes and is the same as our current Long Sleeve offering, sans sleeves. 


As for our good ol’ lightweight fitted tees, we’ve also been performing our own evaluations in stealth mode. We took several lightweight tee brands and put them through the nurburg-ringer! We tested all sorts of metrics such as collar stretching, shape holding post washes, sweat wicking effectiveness behind the wheel, and ultimate lap time performance. Through these nurburg-ringer tests, the Anvil (980 4.5oz) and Next Level (3600 4.3oz) were top notch, with the Next Level (3600 4.3oz) just eking out the pole position. So going forward we will be transitioning to the Next Level tees as our blanks for all Fitted tee orders. More details to come!

An increase in quality and heavy-weightness usually doesn't come without cost. For the purpose of this two week test both the heavy duty and our original lightweight fitted tees will still be just 15 bucks (slightly more for 2XL and up). Awesome right? We know! But hold your horses… after the evaluation period we will be adjusting (slightly) the cost of all our tees, so expect a modest increase around June 30th.

Any extras in the Garage prior to June 2 are printed on lightweight fitted Anvil 980 or Next Level 3600 shirts.