T-shirts are awesome. Why, you say? How about comfort and style. Better yet, no collar! We're big fans of the fitted lightweight tees that we currently sell. But hey, we get that there are other kinds of shirts, body styles and opinions. And yeah, we read comments & emails directed to us about this stuff too. So, we're running an informal poll for the next week. We want to hear from you. Do you prefer a lightweight fitted shirt or something more heavyweight, let's call it Heavy Duty. Vote Here!

More fun facts

Fitted Lightweight Tee:
Weight*: 4.3 or 4.5oz (ex: Next Level 3600 or Anvil 980)

  • Fitted cut adds utmost comfort and fashionable style.
  • Airy lightness. Use as a road trip pillow softness.
  • Compliments those wrench turning toned bi's.

Heavy Duty Tee:
Weight*: 6.1oz (ex: Hanes Beefy-T)

  • Ultimate tee for protection again hungry zombies during zombie apocalypse.
  • Fuller sleeves to fit your massive 44 inch pythons, hombre.
  • More generous cut hides unsightly curves.

Both tees greatly decrease the need for driving naked and increase apexing everythingness.

*shirt weight is measured by the weight of one square yard of fabric.