The 2014 Running Of The BS24!

The tires are chirping, the chrome is shining, and the BBQ's a grillin'. And now there's even more to be a'smiling about! The 2014 Running Of The BS24 sale is here! 24 of your favorite, most sought after and prized designs will be in our garage getting a tune-up or a complete resto-mod and be made available for 72 hours only!

But when can I get said awesome tees?

Starting on August 4th @ 10pm EST and circulating until August 7th @ 10pm EST, 24 BS designs will be available with some awesomelicious bonuses for multiple shirts in an order.

Diggin' our new HD tees?

Great! Because all of these designs will be available in HD tees! Tore up your favorite design lifting cast iron engine blocks at the gym? HD tee may be what you need to hold up to those rip roaring pythons you got goin' on there.

Is there any way other way to celebrate blipshift's birthday than with A Case Of The Shirts?

It's summer! Enjoy yourself! Have too much of Uncle Jim's famous smokey slathered pork and get A Case Of The Shirts! Why not!? You deserve it! Treat yourself to 24 awesome designs, and some extra treats to go with it.

Win A Case Of The Shirts!!!

We're giving away not one, but two Cases Of The Shirts! Enter the contest! Winners will be notified on 8/1/2014.

Stay tuned for more deets on the BS24 and its associatedly stress relieving multiple shirt order bonuses.