The GR8est has been selected! The submissions for the GR8 Audi Tee Design Contest were all top notch and judging was hair pullin' tough job. After much deliberation at the company water cooler, a tournament of thumb wrestling, a couple games of Charades, and, of course, some much appreciated words from the good folks at Audi, we have a winner!

The fine work of Steven Petrosky has netted him the grand prize - An Audi Sportscar Experience! The winning design goes on sale this Thursday, November 27 @ 10 PM EST as part of our 2014 Black Flag Friday Sale.


Wait, there's more! The two top vote receiving entries each get a $50 blipshift gift certificate. Perfect for stockpiling some upper body comfort and style for the holiday season. The two runner-ups are

by Vimal Mathew

by Vimal Mathew 


by Phil Rutkowski

Thanks again for all the GR8 submissions!!!