Apex Everything 2015. More restomod, new colors, all awesome.

Time to toss those ratty old tees of oil stains past and start prepping your closet for new and improved torso coverage! 20 freshly restomodded tees are sprouting from blipshift on April 30th @ 10PM EST. We're offering up a shirtilizingly awesome set of Apex Everything-assisting free stuffs... 

  • First 250 item* orders receive a free Dogleg Shifter Stress ball! Done, but you can still buy 'em!
  • As always, orders with 3+ items* ship for free and receive a free The Beast sticker.
  • Every order of 5+ items* receive a free set of Grey Flatspiracy & Navy Turbo socks!
  • Every order of 10+ items* receive TWO free sets of Grey Flatspiracy & Navy Turbo socks!
  • Every order of 15+ items* receive THREE free sets of Grey Flatspiracy & Navy Turbo socks!
  • Et cetera for every multiple of 5 items! (mind. blown.)

So start stretching your clicking or tapping finger so you hit all the mouse pointy arrow apexes on the way to checkout tee-nirvana. 

* Valid items include apparel or soft goods (like a 710 Bag). Stickers, stressballs or other accessories are excluded. Gift bundles count as a single item. Free shipping for US domestic orders only.

My OCD, diagnosed. The winner of The Obsessive Car Disorder Tee Design Contest!

Big thanks to all those who entered the Obsessive Car Disorder Tee Design Contest presented by Autoblog & blipshift!

The winner? "Can't See Straight" by Katherine Helmetag! Ah, now we finally have a name for our "condition". We're sure our (and your) better halves will be pleased to know that we've got a totally valid reason for taking the long way round for the milk run! This awesome design is available right now as part of the Apex Everything 2015 sale.