Update (9/17/2019): Our shipping policy has been updated and the costs listed in this post are superseded by the information on the Shipping Info page.

Hoodies are not the same as tees... 'cept when in a polybag

Ok, we're gonna be frank. Our shipping policy was kind of confusing. Why the heck weren't we giving you free shipping when you order a couple tees and a hoodie? Get three hoodies and pay even more shipping? Yeah, that's kinda wack... so we're making some changes.

We've simplified our shipping rules (US domestic only) so when it comes to shipping costs hoodies are now treated the same as our tees. Any combination of 3+ tees, hoodies, sock bundles, ties or gift bundles get free shipping. The cost to ship a single hoodie is now the same as a tee!

How much was it to ship a blipshift tee on the Pony Express?

Why is it that shipping prices keep going up? Wish we could give you a really good explanation. Maybe it's all of that new fangled e-mailin' and snapper chattin' instead of good ol' paper letters you youts are up to these days (btw, get off my lawn!). Bottom line, yeah, shipping prices do change over time. We're working hard to keep shipping costs as low, reliable and quick as possible, and we've definitely ruled out zip tieing packages to stray dogs. If you've ordered recently, you may have noticed that package tracking links go to DHL. Most shipments now leave blipshift HQ by DHL then passed off to the USPS for final delivery. Average shipping times door to door in the U.S. are about 5 days. The shipping cost for a single shirt (U.S. domestic) has gone up just a little bit by 50 cents to $3.45. Shipping for two shirts has gone up just 5 cents to $5.95, and orders of 3+ are still free!