Industry Innovator Blipshift Responds With Apparel For Drivers; Claims Its Limited Edition Crowd-Sourced T-Shirts For Car Nuts Will Reduce Nude Driving Incidents By Up To 24%

Scarsdale, NY – Aug 1, 2012 – Alarmed by an increase of nude driving incidents reported in the popular media, blipshift, an innovative new crowd-sourced apparel company is launching today with a line of limited edition t-shirts targeting the automotive enthusiast. “No one should have to drive naked simply because they can’t find a shirt they want to wear,” laments Joe Oh, one of the firms founders. “We believe many of these naked driving cases are a result of a lack of interesting tee choices in drivers’ wardrobes. People just snap. Rather than face the reality of spending another day wearing a boring shirt, they enter a temporary fugue state and walk out to their car still undressed, with nothing but their keys in hand.”

Luckily, blipshift believes it may have found a partial cure. But it isn’t without risk. “Our scientists tell us it might be traumatic to overwhelm naked people with the sheer awesomeness of our full collection of t-shirts at once, so we’ve opted – strictly out of concern for the safety of the general public – to make only one shirt available at a time,” notes Hay-Won Byun, a co-founder and the firm’s Senior VP of Public Safety. “Each week, we will have one or more fresh new designs created by a different artist, each with a distinct appeal to a car guy. Or car gal… as there have also been reports of women driving naked.”

“We’ve heard that some naked drivers have gone so far as to crash into stores to steal new clothing. For that reason, we’re trying to make our offerings as appealing and affordable as possible. Shirts will be just $15 plus a reasonable shipping fee,” adds the third founder, Sebastian Ruta, helpfully. “And to avoid the need to drive naked to get them, our shirts will only be available online, so you can continue to safely surf naked until they arrive.”

With a range of artistic styles to match the variety of interests within the automotive domain, blipshift expects to have a hit on its hands. To view the currently available offering, visit

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Blipshift was founded in early 2012 and is the premier automotive-focused limited-edition crowd-sourced apparel company. It’s headquartered in Scarsdale, NY, with a network of suppliers and contributing artists from around the world.  Blipshift reminds you: Don’t Drive Naked™.

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