Nude Driving Incidents Continue Unabated. Blipshift Suggests Societal Pressure May be Our Only Hope.

Scarsdale, NY – October 10, 2012 – Since blipshift launched online earlier this year offering crowd-sourced limited edition t-shirts targeting the automotive enthusiast, the company had hoped to see a measureable reduction in the number of naked driving incidents reported in the popular media. Unfortunately, despite their increasing shirt sales, this has not been the case. Hay-Won Byun, blipshift’s Senior VP of Public Safety notes, “In our clinical trial, there was one incident of Randy Travis being arrested for driving naked prior to our company’s launch. Much to our disappointment, there have been a similar number of arrests of Randy Travis for driving naked since then, suggesting that our efforts at curbing naked driving are not meeting their potential.”

Randy Travis Arrests

Traditional home remedies, such as shouting, “Dude, put some clothes on!” have proven ineffective. The blipshift team remains unbowed and believes that their new strategy being announced today will help. “Rather than depend on the naked driver to realize that he or she is both driving and naked, we believe that the friends, families and loved ones of naked drivers can assist. Social pressure and support groups may help where the path to self-cure has not. Therefore, beginning immediately, we intend to offer our customers the ability to purchase gift certificates for our shirts,” said Joe Oh, a company founder whose parents wanted him to become a doctor. “They will be available in several denominations, $25 and up, to cover the full clinical spectrum of veho nudus.”

Providing a blipshift gift certificate to a naked driver – or even a fully clothed driver, as every driver is just one wardrobe malfunction away from being naked – sends a strong signal that you care. And unlike with the outright gift of clothes, which only treats the symptoms, a gift certificate encourages drivers to play a role in their own cure by deciding themselves which of the awesome blipshift designs – sold only one at a time – they want to use to mask their nakedness.

It turns out that it’s no coincidence that these are being offered in time for the upcoming Holidays. Naked driving seems to be seasonal and an uptick in incidents towards the year-end would not be considered unusual by those studying this matter. Therefore, it is critically important that those who have friends or family that drive and are therefore at risk receive the support they need. Offers Sebastian Ruta, a founder, “There’s a time and a place for full-on nakedness. In the driver’s seat isn’t it. We’re just doing our part to help.”

With a range of artistic styles to match the variety of interests within the automotive domain, blipshift is already clothing drivers around the world. To purchase a gift certificate or view the currently available shirt offering, visit

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Blipshift was founded in 2012 and is the premier automotive-focused limited-edition crowd-sourced apparel company. It has headquarters in Scarsdale, NY, with a network of suppliers and contributing artists from around the world.  Blipshift reminds you: Don’t Drive Naked™.

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