Chad Seip Porsche RS

Chad Seip is a veteran designer with a love of both the track and his growing family. Now with his own design business Chad still likes to flex his creative muscle with blipshift designs while waiting for his next opportunity to adhere some rubber to ashphalt in his WRX. His designs include "Dat Asp", "First Responder", and "Six Star General".

Chad hit "pause" to answer a few questions of ours:

How did your interest in cars start?

I think my interest in cars started somewhere around the age of 22 months as shown in the photo. My father raced Off Road Cars which included competing with the likes of Rick Mears and Mickey Thompson back in the day. I was at the track a lot back then and I think it got into my blood.

Chad Seip Offroad Buggy

How does your interest manifest itself?

I used to do quite a few track days on motorcycles, but have toned that down now that I have kids I need to come home to. So I race online on Forza or in my custom race-sim rig to help soothe the itch. Yea, I’ve watched every Top Gear episode as well as scouring YouTube daily for other motorsports related videos or race coverage. I have plans to get my new ride prepped for track days but for now it will be the daily drive that I get to enjoy.

Chad Seip Motorcycle Track

Describe your vehicles, and what makes them special:

I’ve had almost too many cars to count but the 04 WRX I recently acquired has an interesting story. It started when I did a shirt for Blipshift that had 5 models of WRX all in a row but the “Blobeye” was not in the list. I wasn’t entirely familiar with each iteration of the car and the fans on the web clearly brought that to my attention. I lost a lot of sleep out of frustration with my mistake, mostly because, it was my favorite version of the WRX ever made. I managed to bring the Blobeye back to Blipshift on a shirt based on a classic horror movie poster called “The Blob” which was personally appropriate.

What was your first car? Do you have any sort of brand loyalty?

First car was a Chevy Blazer but I quickly managed my favorite teenage dream, a brand new 1993 Honda Civic Si (I had realistic dreams). Unfortunately I only got one track day out if it before I rolled it into a farmer’s field driving home one afternoon. Ooops…

Civic Si

What did the funds from blipshift help you accomplish?

I have to admit that BlipShift has afforded me the extra funds necessary to secure yet another of my dream cars: a Stage 3 tuned 2004 Subaru WRX in WRB (with a nearly complete STI swap). My 3 year old is pretty excited about it as well, as you can see in the photo.

Chad Seip Subaru WRX

What is your current occupation?

After many years in Marketing and graphic design, I finally found a career in motorsports working for I still use my design skills there but save some of my artistic juices for fun projects like Blipshift designs and drawing my kids’ favorite cartoon characters for them.

What is your dream car?

My dream car would probably be something similar to the 1993 Porsche 911 RS America I owned, just if I had a better budget for making it right (this thing had too many glitches to keep around while starting a family unfortunately). Singer Porsche does a really great job of doing what I think is the coolest tribute to the classic.

What are some of your hobbies, not relating to cars?

I do like to play race sims and shooting games like Call of Duty and I dabble in pistol Bullseye shooting when I can get out (still in baby jail). I also get lots of enjoyment out of Lego, particularly the Star Wars sets. That being said, my favorite hobby right now is spending time with my beautiful wife and 2 little boys, Dario (3) and Cruz (1).

Gaming Rig iRacing

Any advice for fellow artists? How did you find the process overall?

Hmmm… working with the guys at Blipshift is quite exciting. Don’t try too hard, just let it happen. I have submitted many designs that have not been published, but have fun, use your head to come up with something clever, just let it flow.

Thanks for your time Chad! If you want to game with him you can find him as Tegano73 on XboxOne, and if you're looking for a motorcycle in Ontario be sure to check out Apex Everything!