How 'bout starting the new year easy. No need to think too hard about what to wear. Just put on Whatever Tee Fits!

The WTF, This Is BS Sale gets you two no-thinking-about-what-to-wear-needed options to get ya covered.

Whats the deal?

Choose from two BS mystery package offerings!

Just 15 bucks (plus shipping) gets you the Small Pile consisting of:
1) One somewhat awesome random tee, $15.00 value.
2) One fully awesome pair of random socks, $8.50 value.
3) Two completely awesome random stickers or decals, up to $4.00 value each.

Just 40 bucks (plus shipping) gets you the Big Pile consisting of:
1) One somewhat awesome random tee, $15.00 value.
2) Two fully awesome pair of random socks, $17.00 value.
3) One definitively professional random tie, $36.00 value.
4) Two completely awesome random stickers or decals, up to $4.00 value each.
5) All of this awesomeness shipped inside a Blipshift Track Sack, $12.00 value!

What ridiculously awesome value! We guarantee that even though the items are going for a massive discount, each tee will still contain at least two sleeves plus one neck hole, the socks will be matching pairs, the tie is tie-able and the stickers won't be the freebie BS ones you normally get with an order! 

WTF, why?

Over the course of the year, we print a lotta shirts. And things being the way they are, good ol' Murphy sometimes makes an unplanned visit by BS HQ. That means we occasionally end up with some extra shirts that aren't exactly what we put up for sale as a featured design. So it's time to clear them out, 'cause them boxes o' shirts are keeping us from taking the fastest line to the water cooler!

What shirts can I get?

All you gotta do is choose a tee size and style and we'll do the rest! Quantities are limited and some sizes/styles may not be available or may sell out before others. The tees are all new and never worn. They may included some of our past designs, BS logo designs or designs we only sold at special BS-approved events. Most will be perfect but some may have a print that was slightly smaller than intended (TWSS!). Tees will be chosen entirely at random for all orders!

Socks will be one (or two) randomly selected pair from those currently available from our Accessories page. Same applies to Ties.

Stickers will be two random items from our Stickers page.

If ya' order more than one BS of these awesome packs (nice!) we'll do our best to mix and match your order so you do not receive 2 of the same tee, sock(s), or ties! We could still be nursing Shirley Temple hangovers from New Years though, so no guarantees...

Heads up: no returns or exchanges on these!

How about I tell you what kind of stuff I want?

Option A: Order, write in and our contact routing system will automatically put your request into the two year support response time queue. Better to hold tight and see if you get lucky.

Option B: Don't order from this WTF sale.


Each WTF pack counts as one item. To qualify for free shipping just order 3+ packs or mix and match with other apparel items or accessories. 

WTF packs will start shipping ~1-1.5 weeks after the sale ends!