Do you struggle with FILO (first-in, last-out) Tee Syndrome? Is your tee-pression limiting your ability to achieve maximum torso covering awesomeness? Good news, there are treatments available and you don't need to talk to your doctor! The KonMari method refined by Burippu Shifuto in the touges of Japan has been proven to reduce apparel inflammation. Here’s how to do it:

Materials Needed:

Step 1) Longingly stare at your t-shirt drawer wishing you had space for the latest blipshift shirt which you’d totally buy if you had the space AND if only your better half would leave the room so you don't get caught placing an order.

Drawer Before

Step 2) Lay out your favourite blipshift tee and get ready to start re-folding. It's not so bad once you get started. If you need a break, rest your head on your favorite BS tee. Feel the cotton on your cheek. Oh so soft... 

Step 3) Flip that sucker like a bad craigslist purchase, with the printed area facing down.

Shirt Front Shirt Rear

Step 4) Fold the left side over to meet the centre of the tee. Flip the sleeve over so that - like a responsible canyon carver - it doesn’t cross the center.

Sept 5) Do the exact same thing but inversed right, like driving in Tea & Crumpet Land.

Step 6) Chop the shirt in half.

Shirt Left Corner Shirt Right Corner Shirt Folded

Step 7) Fold the top 1/3 of the shirt inward.

Step 8) Do the same for the bottom 1/3

Step 9) Stand that shirt upright. If it falls over like a bad LeMons car you’ll have to be more precise and tight. If it stays up then give yourself a hand.

Shirt 2/3 Shirt 1/3 Shirt Upright

Step 10) Repeat for all your tees, in the process discovering that one design you thought was lost but was actually buried under everything else.

Step 11) Refill your drawer (colour coding optional). There's so much room for activities!

Drawers After

Step 12) Fill the hole the way you fill that hole inside yourself: with blipshift shirts.

Now go out there and apex your t-shirt drawers!