Extra Ways to Apex Everything

No, we're not talking about those elfish triangles, 70's soul groups, or three-barrel carburetors. We're talking about the Next Level Tri-Blend tee, now available as an option across all of our designs!

25 To Schleife Tri Blend

So what's the deal? These super-soft hipster-friendly tees are made from 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, with a subtle weave pattern similar to our heather grey tee. Color options are somewhat different than the Fitted and Heavy Duty options, so be sure to check the slice at the bottom of a design page to see how it compares.

Sizing is almost identical to that of the Fitted style, but with a bit more of a "drape" and stretch to the fabric to show off those gains at the tuning shop.

25 To Schleife Tri Blend Tee Mockup