Waiting in for alternate-side-of-the-street parking in the busy city got kinda boring and cold, so we decided to road trip to Florida for the 24h of Daytona endurance race... and found more cold rainy weather. Plus, speedy cars!

Bank of Daytona

The day started with some hot laps from the handsome folks at the BMW Performance Center. The M3s are more than capable for this track... you can bank on that.

Ford GT Racecar

The new Ford GT continued it's winningest reputation by starting the first lap in first place. 'Murica!

Mazda RT24 Prototype

The Mazda RT24-P had quite a lot of zoom-zoom from it's little 4 cylinder.

Turner Motorsport M6

The sudden rain meant a switch to full wets for this Turner Motorsport BMW M6.

Crime Scene

No pedestrians were harmed in the making of this race.

Night falls at the Daytona International Speedway.

911 RSR

The newly mid-engined 911 RSR was a real force to be reckoned with on track. Plus, that glorious flat-6 wail...

Track Photographers

And here we spot the automotive photographers in their natural habitat. They aren't easily startled by bright flashes or loud noises, but can be territorial.

Porsche 911 Ducktail

Bonus duck tails (woo-ooo).