You shirt shutterbugs must be the next Larry Chen, since you're already snapping awesome photos using blipshift tees, stickers, and posters to apex everything. Why not be rewarded for it?

Simply mention @blipshift when posting on social media and slap #ApexEverything on that bad boy, and you could earn half off* your next tee! Regardless of tagging, all posters are eligible to be contacted, but to ensure your pic doesn't become as lost as us during the first autocross run of the day, it's best to add 'em with those tags.

If it takes podium in our hearts, we'll then contact you on the respective platform to confirm and agree upon its selection, with a short form to fill out before your tee-riffic credit is issued for immediate use. In return, your Louvre-worthy pic will then be eligible to make an appearance in our daily Blipshift Updates email. Simple as that!

*$7.50 coupon value, half the retail price for a standard size Fitted tee.