We'll Miss You Davey

In June 2019, The realm of car journalism lost a legend. Having been the outspoken voice of Autoweek, Jalopnik, Car & Driver, and more across his career, Davey G. Johnson brought his signature personality to huge swaths of the automotive landscape. Some say you can thank this man for the community's preference for brown diesel manual wagons, but even if you haven't read his work, it's impossible to escape the voices of others he so empowered.


In the spirit of giving opportunity to others, we're donating all proceeds of "The Man in the Golden Helmet" design, created by Davey's cousin Leigh Denham, to The Davey G. Johnson Memorial Scholarship for Non-SEO Writing at his alma matter, Saint Mary's College. With it, Davey can continue to inspire the next generation of writers. As he would say, RAD.