Welcome to our New Hood

2022 UPDATE: All hoodies come as the Standard variant from Gildan. Currently, the others are not available as options.

T-shirts are great and all, but when you're 5 hours into a frost-filled endurance race and sitting on the cold pit floor trying to pull your car's fourth transmission, a little bit of extra heat is what you need to keep apexing. Our existing Gildan hoodie has remained unchanged since inception, and there's always the opportunity to eke out a couple of milliseconds with some new options.

These additional options aren't replacing the normal hoodie for our regularly scheduled tee designs (yet), but as part of The Black Flag Friday sale, you'll be able to select a Delta brand French terry Premium Light Weight or Heavy Duty hoodie for our blipshift logo design thru 12/2. But how do these newcomers compare to the reigning champion? See how a size Large in each fare.

Standard Weight Light Weight Heavy Weight

Starting with sizing and heft, it's no surprise that the Light Weight (blue) is both the lightest and the least bulky at 14oz. Slotting in the middle is our Standard (black) hoodie at 18.5oz, followed closely at 19oz with the Heavy Duty (grey), which does have slightly more loft. Weight will differ by size/amount of fabric compared to these larges.

Standard v Light Standard v Heavy

Should you cut this corner? Depends on what type of line you're going for. When layering the Light Weight and Heavy Duty over the Standard, you'll notice the latter has the fullest sleeves, and the widest hips, whereas the new options are much straighter in cut, and with moderately longer sleeves. Note that where the shoulder seam falls is virtually identical with the Standard and Heavy Duty but squished in slightly for the Light Weight, which would be more ideal for a smaller chest.

Light v Heavy Waist Line

Comparing the Heavy Duty and Light Weight directly, you can see the light option is near-identical in cut, but overall slimmer in proportions... like a track package! You'll also notice how the Standard hoodie is the widest option, and due to the svelte, looser material, the Light Weight falls in the middle.

Wouldn't be a hoodie comparison without some hoods up in here. Once again living up to its name, the Light Weight's single layer of terry makes it the chillest, whereas the Heavy Duty and Standard have two layers o' cotton/poly blend to the rescue. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spy how the middle seam for the Standard does not go the whole way but the Heavy Duty does, which could lead to a bulkier fit.

I spy with my little eye... eyelets! But only on the Light Weight option. The Standard hoodie does gain aglets (aka those plastic sleeve things you forgot had a name) and a more rope-like texture compared to the softer Heavy Duty.

Light v Standard Pocket Light v Heavy Pocket

This is all fine and well you say, but what about where to rest my hands when they're tired of shifting? Like the cut in general, you'll observe on the left that the Light Weight hoodie has a bit more of a tapered pocket than our Standard offering, and the Heavy Duty option takes this and simply enlarges it.

As our Mom says, it's what inside that counts. It's here you can see the largest difference between the felt-like Standard and the might-as-well-make-a-blanket-out-of-it Heavy Duty. The Light Weight is no slouch, but it will feel like a long sleeve t-shirt in comparison.

In summary, we'd think of the Heavy Duty sweater as OEM+. It's a little softer, and a little thicker than the Standard, and with a slightly straighter fit overall. The Light Weight will be your choice if you like hoodies to fit slim and are looking for a light and breathable layer. If that wasn't enough, check out the nitty-gritty specs below:

Standard Hoodie
Gildan 18500
50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

SIZE: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
LENGTH: 27" - 28" - 29" - 30" - 31" - 32"
WIDTH: 20" - 22" - 24" - 26" - 28" - 30"

Heavy Duty Hoodie
Delta 99200
80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

SIZE: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
LENGTH: 27" - 28" - 29" - 30" - 31" - 32"
WIDTH: 20" - 22" - 24" - 26" - 28" - 30"

Premium Light Weight Hoodie
Delta 97200
55% Cotton / 45% Polyester

SIZE: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL
LENGTH: 26.5" - 27.5" - 28.5" - 29.5" - 30.5" - 31.5"
WIDTH: 20.5" - 21.5" - 22.5" - 23.5" - 24.5" - 25.5"