So, your design is finally making into the big leagues, eh? Well congra-tee-lations! Soon your awesome art will be up for the whole world to see... or at least the part of it that likes to cover torsos in extreme comfort and style in the form of soft cotton.

Now let's get this softball out of the way: getting up to the plate is an accomplishment in itself, but not every design is gonna knock it out of the park on the first pitch. Of course, it still doesn't hurt to try and steal an extra base or two, as every extra tee you sell is another $1 in your car fund. And since we're all out of baseball metaphors, that means we've got to talk about the dark art of self-promotion.

What We Do

We know what you're thinking: "Wait, doesn't blipshift do all my promotion for me?" Welp, we do what we can, and for each new tee we'll:

Post it on Facebook
Blipshift Facebook

Post it on Instagram
Blipshift Instagram

Post it on Twitter
Blipshift Twitter

Send an email at launch, with a "final lap" mention the next day 
Blipshift Email

But until one of us knuckleheads levels up and learns telepathy, not every gearhead is going to know it's out there in the vast cosmos of the teeverse. That's where you come in!

How You Can Help

These days, if you shout the good news about your design from the rooftops, the only one who’s going to hear is ol' Ms. Jenkins, and she's not going to be too happy about you interrupting her Murder She Wrote reruns. Naw, you gotta get with the youngsters with their hashed tags and their snapbooktagrams.

Opposite Lock MarketingInstagram Marketing

Post it on your social networks, art platform, forums, subreddits, anywhere fellow gearheads may see it and think "I want that!" Of course, you don't want to become "that guy", so make sure to obey any spam and promotion rules on the platform you're using.

Reddit Marketing

Got a website? Use it! Not only will you get more eyeballs on the design, but linking back to us (and vice versa) can snag 'dem quality SEO hits.

Best Practices

  • URL: Make sure to use the direct URL when linking to the design rather than the link to our homepage so people can still find your awesome art even when it's no longer featured (ex: Not sure what the link will be? Just ask!
  • Hashtags: Yup, use 'em! Using relevant tags helps to make your post more discover-able on the socials, though just a heads up that we generally don't hashtag other brand names.
  • Images: The images we share are labelled for their ideal use (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) but the higher resolution the better! We recommend the "Instagram" version for most purposes, as it's the largest and most detailed option.
  • Timeline: Because all of our designs are available for a limited time only, the end date and time are very important for potential customers. Make sure you're including when the sale runs to, which is generally until 11:59pm (Eastern Time) the day after the sale began.

And there you have it! Not so hard now, is it? Really it just comes down to sharing the excitement you're feeling with other crazy enthusiasts who will be just as enthused.