Conquer the land of Daytona

Think about the sacrifices you make to get on track: The pantry full of ramen, sleepless nights spent wrenching, and everything else it takes to get on the battlefield. Then savor finding a gap, that perfect pass, braking later, nailing the apex; all the thrills of wheel-to-wheel Motor Kombat. Now share that!

Weekend Warrior Tee Design Contest

It’s truly better to be a racer for moment than a spectator for a lifetime, so we've teamed up with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, the monthly tome of racing passion, to bring you the Weekend Warrior Tee Design Contest! Take the dusty car cover off the thinking engine in your head and fire ‘er up, as it’s time to show us how you do battle both on and off the tarmac in the form of a tee idea or design.

The grand prize winner with the most warrior-worthy submission (as deemed by the prestigious Grassroots judging panel and the knuckleheads at blipshift) will score 2 Tickets to the GRM Experience at the 2018 24 Hours of Rolex at Daytona, plus special behind-the-scenes race access with your new GRM best buds! The winning shirt will also become the official Grassroots Motorsports tee of the 2017 season. Runners up will snag themselves $100 in blipshift requisitions to build out their tee army.

Entering is easy. Just share your battle-ready idea or design with our web form, or via Twitter or Instagram with #GRMwarrior. These gladiators will be brawling soon, so submit your entry by Sunday, May 28 at 10 PM EST.

Grassroots Motorsport Magazine