We Want You!

Are you at a racetrack every weekend? Do you find yourself circling back around aisle 17 to make sure you clipped that downed cereal box just perfectly? Do you aggressively walk under others at the hairpin around Ducky Lake? Do you like to stand around in parking lots, sipping a morning brew and stare at machines? By golly, we may have the opportunity for you!

What is a BS ambassador:
The elite of elite apexer-ers will be chosen to represent blipshift and all of its shirted driving glory.

What do BS ambassadors do:
Ambassadors are responsible for finding the most awesomest ways to introduce their peers to not driving naked. Blipshift ambassadors can expect tons of apex hitting guidance to show off to their fellow man. Communications from BS HQ via email, facebook, twitter and zen like budah trance meditations will be regular. Being a BS ambassador is NOT a job, it is a lifestyle, an awesome, check that, ridiculously awesome lifestyle. Blipshift is based on apexing everything, all the time, anywhere, anyplace. The world is your racetrack. Ambassadors are fully expected to report and share via various social channels their recent adventures, track days, heel-toe mishaps, auto-x days, holy crap a Countach! and various other moments in the life of apexing everything. BS Ambassadors will be expected to regularly engage with fellow gearheads and hoonigans alike. Challenges and goals will yield real world experience in the areas of business, hooning, marketing, and apexing everything.

What do ambassadors gain:
Blipshift Ambassadors gain inside access to blipshift HQ and the methods behind our madness. They can be expected to provide insight on upcoming designs and contests as well as general heads up on new product developments and offerings. Ambassadors will also be provided deals only accessible to true masters of apexing everything. Also, if you shine brighter than an oil spill on a corner entry, you will be highly considered to join the BS team for redonkulous adventures. The possibility of a summer weekend out at BS HQ for some apexing madness and Volvo C303 driving is also on the table.

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