10 Out of 10

by Dmitry Tikhonenkov
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We should have all seen this coming: A ground-up LMP-inspired super P-car, with a howling V10 in the middle controlled by a raw manual transmission is what future classics are made of. And yet many slept on this tamely styled and finicky supercar. If we had a time machine, we'd tell ourselves to buy bitcoin, and grab one of these puppies while still languishing on dealer lots.
Sale ended: 04-22-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Dmitry Tikhonenkov Location: Moscow, Russia Website/FB:

Dmitry works at your typical boring office job, but enjoys any chance he can get to draw! His individual commissions fund his 1:43 scale hobby, and when he runs out he simply draws again! At one point he was looking to pick up a BMW coupe, but he settled on a pillarless Mercedes instead. Nothing like opening all the windows and pulling the warm summer air into the cabin.

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