Diff'rent Strokes

by Algirdas Rimkus
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No matter what your motor preference, we all like to reciprocate our feelings. When it seems like the world is on the verge of combustion, it helps to notice our similarities instead of our differences. Sometimes it's the diff'rent strokes that help us see the bigger picture.
Sale ended: 06-02-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Algirdas Rimkus Location: Kaunas, Lithuania Website/FB:

It's tuff forming an auto enthusiasm in post-Soviet Eastern Europe, but living close to the Lithuanian "Nemunas Ring" and an early exposure to vintage Ferraris soon unearthed the passion in Algirdas. Rockin' a T5 Volvo, he loves spending time outdoors as a Geologist or while rolling around on his bicycles... read more!

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