Fairy Tail Happy II

by Ian Shafer
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There once were two twins that lived under hood. Crammed in there so tight much more than they should. The song their boost sang filled 6 holes with air. Thanks to the t-tops there’s wind in your hair. Eating up asphalt with style and speed. This fine fairlady’s a Z car you need.

Idea by Vachan Vadmal
Sale ended: 03-23-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Ian Shafer Location: Columbus, OH Website/FB: @87_16valve

Ian is a senior Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati DAAP and caught the car bug before he could speak. If he's not sketching what's on his mind, he's cruising in his '87 VW Scirocco 16 valve. Ian's active on Instagram, where you can keep tabs on his renderings and sketches.

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