Fly on the Wall

by Dmitry Tikhonenkov
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Pssst, wanna know a secret? Everyone and their 401k has one of the red cars in their garage. But not you, you know that yellow is the choice for those without mountains of matching merch. You could own it from Stratas Auctions!

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Sale ended: 10-09-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Dmitry Tikhonenkov Location: Moscow, Russia Website/FB:

Dmitry works at your typical boring office job, but enjoys any chance he can get to draw! His individual commissions fund his 1:43 scale hobby, and when he runs out he simply draws again! At one point he was looking to pick up a BMW coupe, but he settled on a pillarless Mercedes instead. Nothing like opening all the windows and pulling the warm summer air into the cabin.

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