Grillpower II

by Jordan Wickett
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These pony cars certainly had presence. You knew lurking just behind that wide open grill was a mass of steel ready to chew up air and spit out power. If only you had the willpower to mash the throttle.
Sale ended: 08-30-2020
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Artist Specs

Jordan's creative side comes from his mother, who never put the camera down. Learning as she taught herself photo editing provided a great base for when he had access to computer graphics, video editing, and web design courses as a teenager. Shortly after graduation Jordan was given an SLR camera, and he continued to hone his creativity on his own time. When automotive photography became too competitive a hobby, he picked up vector again and decided to make a few t-shirts. Professionally, Jordan works for an auto parts company custom mixing paint and selling brake pads. You can find other samples of work on his instagram.

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