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Meep Meep!

by Yousef Sheteiwy
(birdus superiorus) The most advanced and streamlined of birds. This rare species features a majestic wingspan and a smooth streamlined beak. Although it has various predators, this bird need only step on it to leave them in the dust.
Shirt Color: ACME Grey
Sale ended: 01-08-2017
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The Final Lap
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Meep Meep!
GC8 Track
by Zach Kamstra
Artist Specs
  • Name: Yousef Sheteiwy
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
Artist Profile
Cars have always been a passion in Yousef's life, whether it's on road or off road. He's currently studying engineering physics, and when he finds free time he enjoys offroading and working on his Nissan Xterra and creating vector drawings.