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Playing With Power

by Evgeniy Yudin
As with most homologation specials, there's very little shared with the base platform. Sure the shape looks largely the same but the engine and driven wheels swapped places. Meaning this R5 was an edgier and racier car than the majority of its competition. Which were left standing still.
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Shirt Color: French Racing Grey
Gone forever in
Tags: French, R5, rally, Renault, Turbo, WRC
Artist Specs
  • Name: Evgeniy Yudin
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Website/FB: Mazok Pixels
Artist Profile
Evgeniy is a freelance pixel artist and badass indie developer, with his signature style lending itself games like Goal Hero, The Tribe, Space Incident, and SMASHBASH. In his work he's also worked with JackU and got respect from Kojima! You can see more of his awesome pixel art on his Behance page.
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