Seize Le Jour

by Luke Henry
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You know that weirdly-athletic D1 cousin of yours who's about to go pro? They've got the looks, the muscles, but if you look from a distance, it looks like you're slightly related. Same goes for the Group B variant of the original hatch. Whatever, you can still seize the day.
Shirt Color: B road blue
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The Final Lap
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Seize Le Jour
The Other I Red
Artist Specs
  • Name: Luke Henry
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
Artist Profile
Luke is an avid gearhead and aspiring young architect. In his free time he can be found watching vintage Group B rally films, working all three pedals of a 6 speed Mini Clubman, or wistfully perusing Bring a Trailer auctions in search of weird and wonderful cars. He thinks that the Volvo 240 is the greatest vehicle of all time, and that writing about himself in the third person is super strange.