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by Chad Seip
Ole spidey cleaned up the streets with his street smarts, but based on that line of rubber you just laid down, you might be doing the opposite. Fight the wheel while he fights crime, and use your grip on the wheel, not the rear tires.

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Shirt Color: Blackened tire chunk
Posters: What's the deal?
Tags: Comic book, comics, drifting, opposite lock, spiderman, spidey, spidey sense, with great power
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For Yesterday's Design
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25 to Schleife
by Matthew McCarthy
Artist Specs
  • Name: Chad Seip
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
Artist Profile
Chad started life on 2 wheels but found it doesn't matter the number of wheels, just how fast they spin. There has been plenty rubber left on race tracks or in parking lots attacking cones. A 15 year career in art strangely lead back to motorcycles at a Ducati more!
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